Thursday, May 14, 2015

OOTD: First Beach Trip of the Year 2015

Every year me and my usual peeps try to hit the beach at least once during the summer, and this year a few of us went for an afternoon trip. Diana and I had a mini photoshoot as you all will see soon. Mindy and her boyfriend were busy tanning and didn't want their pictures taken which I took it up as a challenge to get a few good shots of them. I succeeded of course! But pictures aren't posted here on my blog for their privacy. 
Anyway, we were only there for a few hours since we arrived in the late afternoon. Plus, the water was too cold so there wasn't really much to do but tan and take selfies - which I didn't mind! 
See the couple tanning on the right? That's them.
Yes, I'm still wearing these sandals! Still on the look out to find a nice pair like these.
This bish keeps dodging the camera
Mindy (left): Urban Outfitters Kimono cardigan | Forever21 Swim top & bottoms
Me (middle): Charlotte Russe Sunglasses | Forever21 Swim top & bottoms | H&M Romper
Diana (right): Forever21 Top | Forever21 Swim top | Walmart Bottoms | Forever21 Shorts

We also stopped by Jollibee because we were hungry, and I heard from a friend that they have very good halo-halo. I've never had halo-halo so I was excited to try.
Don't they look pretty?! 
Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert.
It's similar to the Vietnamese drink/dessert chè which if y'all don't know is one of my favorite desserts. The main difference are the mini scoops of ice cream on top which I think is ube (purple yam) and jackfruit and a chunk of flan pudding on the side. I should have taken a bird's eye view shot to show it, but totally forgot. Goes to show how excited I was to try this haha! 

There will definitely be more beach trips this summer so I plan on posting some more beach related things; stay tuned for those!